Happy Christmas and Happy 2021

christmas, christmas tree, covid

Welcome back to my blog and thank you for staying with me for my second post, all things christmas!

Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2021 is a better year for everyone.

christmas, christmas dinner, covid

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas, even though it was a very strange one in many ways. Due to the various complicated arrangements in our family to abide by the Covid rules, it was just the two of us for Christmas. I’m lucky that my husband is a fabulous cook. Neither of us likes turkey very much so he made his famous steak and kidney pie for our Christmas dinner. To go with it he made spiced red cabbage, creamy mash, fine beans and Chantenay carrots. It was so gorgeous! He is such a romantic he even cut hearts into the flaky pastry pie top!

For the first time ever, we got an artificial Christmas tree. We actually bought it in October as we were worried that the garden centres might be locked down by Christmas. The shop assistant advised us to get a big box of lights to go with the tree. We thought it was seriously far too many lights, until we came to decorate it and we just about had enough to cover the tree. It didn’t look that big in the shop!

We counted our blessings and were grateful that we had such a lovely cosy Christmas. Let’s hope by next year that things are back to normal for everyone.

Love from Lily x

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